This website has been funded by the League of Women Voters of Pennsylvania Citizen Education Fund under a grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection for Drinking Water Source Water Protection administered by the US Environmental Protection Agency.



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We are the Columbia-Montour Coalition for Source Water Protection and we are on a mission to make water resources protection a priority. We are promoting, protecting and urging the importance of conserving source water resources by:

Who Are We?

  • Partnering with agriculture, industry, industry, landowners, and municipalities;

  • Educating the public;

  • Developing risk-reduction strategies for protection

How is the CSC Helping?

We are working to get drinking water protection incorporated into land use planning, farming, industrial practices, municipal decision-making and citizens' day-to-day choices. We accomplish this by holding regular meetings, working with stakeholders, and by reaching out to the community - providing education and training throughout the two counties.