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Where Does My Drinking Water Come From?

Our drinking water comes from either surface water or ground water. Surface water collects in streams, rivers, lakes, and reservoirs. Groundwater is located underground where it has collected in pores and spaces within rocks, forming aquifers. To obtain ground water, we drill wells and pump it to the surface.

Why Protect Your Drinking Water?

Many of us take clean, safe, drinking water for granted, yet our everyday activities put it at risk. Anything that goes down the drain, is applied to the land, or is buried or stored underground can end up in our drinking water! Maintaining the long-term safety of our water supply is best for human health and the environment. Pollution can also increase the cost of water treatment, or make treatment impossible, forcing communities to find and invest in new sources of drinking water. Our goal is to educate and work with the community to protect this valuable resource for future generations.





2018 General Meetings: January 22, April 16 July 23, Oct 22 . All meetings @2pm (unless specified otherwise) and  held in the large conference room of the Ag Center at 702 Sawmill Rd in Bloomsburg, PA


Click here for pictures from this year's Water Education Day at Briar Creek Lake Park in Columbia County!